NOLA Urban Theatre Festival Will Be Filled With Numerous Events For Participants & Attendees. Ongoing Events Will Last Throughout The Day, So There Will Never Be A Down Moment. 


Full Length Plays




Theatrical Performances From A Variety Of Different Genres Performed, Directed, & Produced By Artists Nationwide

Spoken Word Competition

Artists Who Love To Speak Their Talent Will Have A Chance To See Who Expressed Themselves The Best


An Event Free To The Public. This Exhibition Of Merchandise & Culturally Based Material Will Be On Display For Shoppers & Those Who  Are Looking For Services & Products Relating To The Arts

Vendor's Market

Workshops & Coaching

Experts From Different Fields Will Provide Educational & Informative Information That Is Sure To Take Seasoned & Upcoming Playwrights, Actors, & More To The Next Level In Their Careers

Meet, Greet, & Party At The Festival's Networking Mixer Where We Will Make Contact, Connect, & Have Fun

Networking Mixer